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Product-Name: Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster 101A 240V with Large Chaff Collector - Black

Product-ID: bella0306

Manufacturer: Gene Cafe

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Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster 101A 240V with Large Chaff Collector - Black

Gene Cafe


This model is being offered with the extended chaff collector which normally costs £64.95 for a very attractive package price The large Chaff Collector gives a much larger capacity than the standard chaff collector, it also allows the fumes to be directed towards a ventilation source or can be attached to flexible ducting for more information please visit
In Black complete with Large (Extended Chaff Collector)>
The large chaff collector gives a much larger capacity than the standard chaff collector, it also allows the fumes to be directed towards the ventilation source or can be attached to flexible ducting for more information please visit.

Gene Cafe Roaster Description

The innovative Coffee Bean Roaster - Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster is designed as a household or commercial coffee roaster and incorporates the technology has acquired home and overseas patents.

Genesis technology simplifies roasting procedure, which was very complicated and required great effort. Now you can simply make deep, rich coffee full of flavour.

Externally the Gene Café machine has a high tech' look about is and a black finish that will look good for a long time. The materials used are all high quality steel, Pyrex, Aluminium and glass reinforced high temperature plastics. The build quality of the café gene feels good and it looks well designed and put together. The machine is pretty quiet in operation, about as noisy as a dishwasher or fridge. Cooling is done within the roasting chamber by forced hot air. The whole chamber is then simply lifted out to empty the beans. Once you have done this, the Gene Café is ready to roast again. Using the quick cool down cycle you can roast a 250-300g batch of green beans every 22-25 minutes, about 700g per hour, enough for even the heaviest coffee drinkers. The controls are clear, simple but very effective and give a lot of control over the roasting process. The Gene Café roasts are even and full of flavour, and are at least the equal of those done by other competitors in the home roasting market Clean up is very easy using a simple brush and detergent on the roasting chamber and chaff collector after each roasting session and only takes a few minutes. Spares are available from Bella Barista, an Authorised UK Distributor of the Gene Café home roaster.


Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster 101A 240V with Large Chaff Collector - Black
Make No
Model No
Boiler Type No
Brew Group No
Operation No
Indicator Lights No
Size and Weight No
Internal Water tank Capacity No
Tank Access No
Water Connection No
Boiler Volume (Steam,Brew) No
Boiler Construction No
Insulated Steam/Brew Boiler No
Pressure Gauges No
Adjustable Brew Pressure No
Pump Type No
No Burn Steam Wand No
No Burn Water Wand No
Steam/Water Valve Type No
Temperature Control No
Drip Tray capacity/Construction No
Drip Tray drain kit for plumbed operation No
Body Construction No
Colours Available No
Low Water Cut Off No
Low Water Indication No
Number Porta Filter Holders No
Free Tamper No
Feet Height Adjustable No
Amount of hot water draw off No
Time to froth 200ml of milk No
Recovery time for 400ml of water No
Other Features No
Other Feature No
Other Feature No
Grinder Make Model No
Grinder Dimensions No
Motor Power (W) No
Grinder Application No
Grinder Body Construction No
Hopper Capacity No
Grinder Small Hopper Available No
Grinder Grind Actuation No
Grinder Burr Drive No
Grinder Burr Material No
Grinder Burr Type Size No
Grinds To Doser No
Grind Adjustment No
Grinds To Cotainer No
Grinds Direct to PF Holder No
Grind Timer No
Grinder Colour No
Simple To Use
Customer Review
Simple to set up and get going. There is an excellent roasting profiles' database accessible through the CoffeeTime forum.

Can be difficult to hear first and second crack during roasting process due to machine's motor. Using a cardboard tube held to an ear overcomes this.

Not cheap but with green beans costing around £8.00-£9.00 a kilo, it could pay for itself and there is nothing like having the smell of roasting coffee in your own home.
Review by Patrick

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