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Product-Name: The New Izzo Alex Duetto MK IV Espresso Coffee Machine

Product-ID: IzzoAlexDuettoMkIV

Manufacturer: Izzo

Availability: 1 left in stock

Availability: 1 left in stock


The New Izzo Alex Duetto MK IV Espresso Coffee Machine

Here is the NEW Izzo Alex Duetto MK IV Espresso machine with restyled case.

It is billed by Izzo as the NEW Izzo Alex Duetto MK III. However we think the new case fully justifies the new classification and helps us distinguish between the model variation.

Closer Look Review for the Izzo Alex Duetto

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The NEW Izzo Alex Duetto Espresso Machine.

Izzo Alex Duetto Espresso Machine

The Dream Machine has now a new look

...below is a quote direct from Izzo.

Gruppo Izzo made its first Duetto as a challenge 6 years ago….and now we are proud to announce our last version with its improvement in outlook and technical features.
We hope you will enjoy it and and may come with positive comment. We will be pleased to listen your feedback. - Bodywork in stainless steel mirror ( AISI 304) with smoothly cutting
- Removable upper grid
- Tank drain: 1 lt
- New lighting labels
- New PID in red colour
- Ergonomic coffee arm
- Support of the panel of the group - to make it more stable
- New expansion valve – able to be fixed more easily by the operator etc…

NEW Izzo Alex Espresso Machine Features

Power 1000 W - 220V (boiler group coffee)
800 W - 110V (boiler group coffee)
1400 W - 220V (boiler for steam)
1200 W - 110V (boiler for steam)
Reservoir 3 litre
Tank drain 1 litre
Volume boiler group coffee: 0.58 litre
Volume boiler for steam: 1.8 litre
Weight: 32 kg - 70,55 lbs
Dimensions: W37xD44xH43

Bodywork: All stainless steel mirror (AISI 304).
Electronically controlled: Microprocessor controlled automatic level control of boilers and fresh water reservoir, with low water level indication by noise signal.
Boilers: Dual boiler system Steam and hot water 1,8 litre capacity Brew (group) 0,58 litre capacity
Pump Type: Super silent rotary pump (not vibration type pump).
Safety valve: Fully certified commercially rated safety valve.
Pre-infusion: Mechanical pre-infusio n system for the extraction of coffee with optimal aroma.
Anti-Burn Stainless Steel steam wand: Easy cleaning as milk doesn't bake on wand; more efficient steam, as heat is not dissipated around the wand.
Pressure gauge: One dedicated gauge for pump pressure and one for service boiler pressure control.
Temperature control of boilers: Electronic control by PID sensor inside the boilers for the precise control of temperatures.
Maintenance: Removable upper and lower grid for easy access to underside of the machine.
Water supply: 3 litre fresh water reservoir or alternatively direct water connection by turning the control switch with full drip tray drainage system.

Boiler Type Twin Boiler (TB)
Brew Group 1 (E61 type), (manual lever action)
Operation Manual Lever Action
Indicator Lights Yes. 2 Manometers Gauges: Measures Boiler & Brew pressure
Size and Weight H: 430 (Inc Cup Rail) x W:360 x D:430 mm
Internal Water tank Capacity 2 Litres, removable with lo water sensor / mains plumbed option (switchable)
Tank Access from top
Water Connection Internal and mains
Boiler Volume (Steam,Brew) Twin Boilers: 1.8 Litre Steam/HW, 0.8 litre dedicated brew boiler
Boiler Construction Copper with brass end brew boiler. Heavey gauge Copper steam/HW boiler
Insulated Steam/Brew Boiler yes both insulated
Pressure Gauges Steam, Brew
Adjustable Brew Pressure Yes Internally
Pump Type Commercial Rotary Pump
No Burn Steam Wand Yes/No or N/A
No Burn Water Wand Yes/No or N/A
Steam/Water Valve Type Hot Water on demand. Steam on demand (Ball joint mounted) Steam Boiler can be switched On/Off as required.
Temperature Control PID for Brew Boiler (To Solid State Relay), PID for Steam Boiler (To Solid State Relay)
Drip Tray capacity/Construction stainless steel
Drip Tray drain kit for plumbed operation Yes Or non plumbed
Body Construction Heavy Gauge Polished Stainless Steel case and internal frame.
Colours Available Stainless only
Low Water Cut Off yes
Low Water Indication Yes with alarm
Number Porta Filter Holders 2 Filter Handles(s) For 1 or 2 cups, Internal Diameter 58mm, removable drip tray, cup warmer
Free Tamper Yes
Feet Height Adjustable Yes
Amount of hot water draw off 900ml
Time to froth 200ml of milk 27 seconds (4 hole tip)
Recovery time for 400ml of water 2mins 20 seconds
Other Features Voltage and Power: 220 V-50Hz maz (1150W in steam off mode) 1450W steam 1000W Brew, 120W Pump
Other Feature Low Power Mode: Brew Boiler priority, maximum current draw limited to approx 7 amps or 1670W @ 240V
Other Feature No
Grinder Make Model No
Grinder Dimensions No
Motor Power (W) No
Grinder Application No
Grinder Body Construction No
Hopper Capacity No
Grinder Small Hopper Available No
Grinder Grind Actuation No
Grinder Burr Drive No
Grinder Burr Material No
Grinder Burr Type Size No
Grinds To Doser No
Grind Adjustment No
Grinds To Cotainer No
Grinds Direct to PF Holder No
Grind Timer No
Grinder Colour No
Customer Review
Duetto latest model, Mark IV as you call it, is excellent. I love the isolated steam wand and once you get used to it you never want to go back. I burn my hands constantly when I use my old ECM Mechanika. I do not find steam delivery an issue. It is so easy to clean and milk never sticks. I have used it daily for 6 months and it is excellent value in comparison to the only real alternative in my mind; La Marzocco GS3. The Duetto is highly recommendable and with BB's service I am not nervous when something needs changed in the future. Do yourself a favour and plumb it in to a direct water supply with a simple small water filter. It makes life so much easier. Use the smallest filter there is as you should change filter every 6 months for hygienic reasons. Go ahead and good luck. Review by Jakob
Quick review of the Duetto
Customer Review
I came to Bella Barista to run some training days on barista skills and latte art, using the range of machines Bella Barista offer.
Over the days I was impressed by the quality of coffee and strength of steam power I was getting, which led to me taking a Alex Duetto home with me!

This machines looks great in the kitchen but I wanted a smaller machine that produces commercial quality coffee for taking around with me on training and demonstration jobs (currently taking a two group commercial machine around with me is not good for my back!), and so it had a lot to live up to.
Firstly on the coffee; the pump was quiet and smooth and seems to produce a good espresso. The manual lever also lets you control how long you want to pre infuse as well. I tested the water temperature quickly using a Scace handle (with a thermometer embedded in the handle), to see how consistent the PID was holding the water temperature. It seemed to be pretty consistent running about 1.5 degrees under the set temperature for the first dozen or so "simulated espressos" and then creeping up to the set temperature once the machine was thoroughly heated through. I must stress that this was a quick test, and less than scientific, but I was very pleased with how stable it seemed.

On the steam, I modified the machine slightly. I changed the steam tip from the two hole tip it comes with to a three hole tip off my Dalla Corte 2 Group, although I think you can buy these from Bella Barista also. The steam wand has an inner plastic tube to insulate the outer steel wand to make it cooler to handle. I found that this weakened the steam and interrupted a smooth delivery and so pulled it out. The power immediately increased, so much so that I had to take the boiler temperature down a couple of degrees, and I find it easy to get great textured milk for latte art. I did notice that you get a noticeable drop in steam pressure when you first steam though, dropping about 0.2 of a bar before stabilising again.

Overall I have been very pleased with the machine. The build quality and finish is excellent and it comes packaged like a big present, with all sorts of extras like a decent tamp and a couple of tins of beans (a little dark roast for my taste but its a nice thought!).

29 November 2012 Review by Paul Meikle-Janney

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