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Bella Barista Dalian Amazon 1 KG Roaster Model DL-A721-SBB Pre-Order deposit SAVE £200

SAVE £200 ON DALAIAN AMAZON ROASTER BY PRE-ORDERING WITH A £100 DEPOSIT. Holding deposit for Dalian Amazon 1 KG roaster delivery estimated end of June £100, balance £3050 (plus any shipping costs if you are not collecting the roaster) plus carriage prior to shipping

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The initial test roaster we received back in October 2015 was very good, but there were opportunities to significantly improve it, without adding too much cost. . The supplier has worked with us to implement these changes to their design and where possible improve on the ideas. This model ( DL-A721-SBB) is only available in the UK and Europe from Bellabarista This is a commercial roaster designed to produce batch after batch, hour after hour, day after day. It has no fancy computer controls, or gadgets. It will sit well in a shop, or café, or as a small production roaster for a mobile coffee cart or small coffee roasting business. Because of the price and compact size this will also appeal to home roasters who want a roaster that they can produce a high quality roast and be able to supply to friends and retail outlets This is sold as a commercial product Where a product is advertised as TRADE or COMMERCIAL it is considered that the purchaser has a certain knowledge and engages in the trade appropriate to the use of the machine or equipment In this case the warranty is for 1 year and is a back to base parts only warranty .

Additional Info

Additional Info

Make ECM Heidelberg
Model Technika MK IV
Boiler Type Heat Exchanger (HX), Twin Boiler (TB), Single Boiler
Brew Group E61, non E61, Lever Group etc..
Operation Semi Auto, Manual Pushbutton, Switch (switch or lever)or Lever, Lever (no pump)
Indicator Lights On, off, heating, low water
Size and Weight HxWxD/xKg
Noise at 50cm in DB No
Internal Water tank Capacity Litres or N/A (e.g Vetrano)
Tank Access No
Water Connection Internal, mains only, both
Boiler Volume (Steam,Brew) Steam = Brew = N/A or volume (depending on whether SB or TB)
Boiler Construction Steel, Brass & Copper, Nickel Plated Brass & Copper
Insulated Steam/Brew Boiler Steam, Brew, Both, N/A
Pressure Gauges Pressure Gauges
Adjustable Brew Pressure Yes/No
Pump Type Vibration, Rotary, None
No Burn Steam Wand Yes/No or N/A
No Burn Water Wand Yes/No or N/A
Steam/Water Valve Type Compression/Non compression
Temperature Control PID (adjustable), Pressurestat Thermostat (non adjustable), Thermostat (adjustable)
Drip Tray capacity/Construction Plastic, Steel/x ml
Drip Tray drain kit for plumbed operation Supplied, available (extra cost), Not available
Body Construction Painted Steel, Stainless Steel
Colours Available No or colours
Low Water Cut Off Yes, No…really though all machines have this so possibly not required
Low Water Indication All prosumer machines probably have this, but implementation varies e..g buzzer, flashing light, both, none
Number Porta Filter Holders 1,2,…
Free Tamper Plastic, Wood & Metal, Metal
Feet Height Adjustable Yes/No
Time to froth 200ml of milk Time to froth 200ml of milk
Recovery time after 200ml water draw off No
Other Features Steel-plated heating of Incoloy 800
Other Feature Copper tubing with brass fittings and tubes
Other Feature Professional lever valve technology, alternatively rotary valves technology
Grinder Make Model Blank
Grinder Dimensions HxWxD
Motor Power (W) Watts
Grinder Application Commercial/Light Commercial/Domestic
Grinder Body Construction Metal/Metal/Plastic/Plastic
Hopper Capacity Grams
Grinder Small Hopper Available Yes/No
Grinder Grind Actuation Portafilter push, press buttons, switch
Grinder Burr Drive Belt/Direct
Grinder Burr Material No
Grinder Burr Type Size flat, conical
Grinds To Doser Yes/ No (grinds storage chamber with lever to dispense measured amounts of ground coffee)
Grind Adjustment stepped, or continuously variable
Grinds To Cotainer Yes / No
Grinds Direct to PF Holder Grinds Direct to Porta Filter Holder
Grind Timer Yes, No, multiple
Grinder Colour colours available
Call For Price No
360 Path Viewer No


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