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So, the long wait is over! We have finally succeeded in becoming the exclusive UK stockists of the Nuova Simonelli Oscar II Espresso Machine. We loved the new face lift when seeing it showcased at Host in Milan in 2015 and, now that we have got our hands on it, all the team at Bella Barista are very impressed. Combined with a good quality espresso grinder such as the Eureka Mignon or Compak K3 Touch, we feel this is a fantastic setup for home or small office use and it won't break the bank. Thanks to its high steam power, the Oscar produces amazing ‘microfoam’ so you can perfect your latte art in the comfort of your own home. Plus its Heat Exchanger boiler allows you to extract an excellent shot of espresso at the same time as steaming the milk which makes it a natural upgrade from the Gaggia Classic or Rancilio Silvia single boiler machines. Producing 4-6 cappuccinos, lattes or flat whites one after another when you have guests will be no problem! We also love the Oscar’s simplicity….setting up the timed dose of water means that the whole family can extract that excellent shot of espresso at the touch of a button. So now you don’t need to be a great actor to bring home an Oscar!

If you want to purchase the Oscar II along with any of our espresso grinders, please go to the Oscar II package deal. You will benefit from a Bella Barista package deal discount, purchasing both together.

Oscar II Coffee Machine

is a new generation of the coffee machine launched in the late nineties, which has conquered coffee lovers around the world. Oscar II is the professional espresso coffee machine which fits in all demands: from the domestic use for tasting good coffee or cappuccino till professional use. Suitable for: homes, offices, small coffee locations.

Just 32 cm wide and thanks to the stainless steel side panels, the Oscar II is suitable for all small spaces, in a kitchen, a coffee corner, an office or a Bed & Breakfast. Paired with a espresso grinder like the Eureka Mignon or the Compak K3 you can produce some amazing results. Along with some freshly roasted coffee you can produce great tasting espresso and steam at the same time. The added feature of a timed dose with also give you more simplicity and consistency to produce great shots each and every time..

Oscar II Features

  • New material, new design: Among the new features of Oscar II is to the extensive use of stainless steel that immediately shows strength and solidity, as well as enhancing the machine.
  • Compact: At only 30 cm, Oscar is able to work in both a home and office setting.
  • Perfect extractions: The brewing unit is temperature compensated giving consistent and quality extractions.
  • Professional: Oscar enables the production of espressos or cappuccinos just like in a café. The thermo-compensated group and steaming system are derived from larger, professional machines.
  • Versatile: Available with a direct water line connection or a 2.3 litre reservoir to brew quality espresso anywhere.
  • Safe: The ergonomic, professional portafilters are designed to fit comfortably into the user’s hand. One Double Spout Handle Included with Machine



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