Mazzer Mini Electronic Type A - Espresso Coffee Grinder - Aluminium

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This quite simply is the ultimate espresso coffee grinder!
Bella Barista gives the Mazzer Mini Electronic a solid stamp of approval.

Bella Barista gives the Mazzer Mini Electronic a solid stamp of approval. Now with new style digital pad with controls for dosing. Although MINI by name this is a MIGHTY Grinder. Check out any of the coffee enthusiasts web sites and you will discover that, this is the grinder most serious coffee lovers would love to have. The power of this machine ensure that coffee is not burnt or strained even when ground very fine . If you are serious about coffee then you will want a Mazzer Mini Electronic For those who do not want to have ground coffee hanging arround in the hopper this dispenses single or double shots to your prescribed amount automaticaly at the touch of a button (Model A - finger press) MODEL "A" Has touch buttons on top of the dispenser lid Please note: Our grinders have a Astoria badge to the rear and not a Mazzer badge.

Mazzer Mini Electronic Model A Espresso Grinder - Colour: Aluminium, is a professional espresso grinder ideal for Commercial use and the Home Enthusiast.

Now featuring a new style key pad, now has dosing control.

New style key pad, now has dosing control.
Manufacturers Description
stepless micrometrical
Electronic device to select the dose.
It grinds on demand.
Every dose of coffee is fresh.
Single and double dose with indipendent adjustment.
mod. A = Push button panel operating device.
mod. B = Filter-holder operating device.

Manufacturer's Technical Features:
Power Watt 250
Grinding burrs (ref. 189D) mm ø 64 (21/2 inches)
Grinding burr speed g/min 1400 (50 Hz)
g/min 1600 (60 Hz)
Coffee-bean container capacity Kg 0,6 (1,3 lbs)
Dose adjustment g 4-19 (0,14-0,67 oz)
Net weight Kg 10.45 (22,5 lbs)
More Information
Grinder Make ModelBlank
Motor Power (W)Watts
Grinder Grind ActuationPortafilter push, press buttons, switch
Grinder ApplicationCommercial/Light Commercial/Domestic
Grinder Body ConstructionMetal/Metal/Plastic/Plastic
Grinder Burr DriveBelt/Direct
Grinder Burr Type Sizeflat, conical
Grinder Colourcolours available
Grinder DimensionsHxWxD
Grinds To DoserYes/ No (grinds storage chamber with lever to dispense measured amounts of ground coffee)
Grind Adjustmentstepped, or continuously variable
Grinds To ContainerYes / No
Hopper CapacityGrams
Grinds Direct to PF HolderGrinds Direct to Porta Filter Holder
Grinder Small Hopper AvailableYes/No
Grind TimerYes, No, multiple
Item ReturnsThis item can be returned
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Ratings & Reviews

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