Coffee Tech Solar 2kg Shop Coffee Roaster

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Coffee Tech Solar Coffee Roaster


The Most Advanced Shop Roaster in the World Solar coffee roaster was launched in 2006 as the third generation of our innovative Shop Roasters project. The cutting-edge machine showed early promise and since became the most common piece on our manufacturing tables. Hundreds of Solar coffee roasters were sold worldwide to very happy customers. These years of experience helped us to reach perfection. We now can confidently claim that the Solar falls no short of being the best roaster in every way.

The Solar excels in its superb roasting quality, plug-and-play operation, compact design and exceptional reliability with no maintenance needed. Thanks to these features, it’s no wonder the Solar was adopted by many micro roasting start-ups, speciality coffee shops and coffee bars. As of now, no other shop roaster is able to challenge the Solar – the most advanced shop roasting machine in the world.


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  1. cecil perera asks 18 Sep 2019

    hi what is the package dimensions for the roaster?
    when been shipped and the weight

    1. David Lombari answers 18 Sep 2019

      Hi Cecil, thanks for your question.

      The Solar's are shipped on pallets with the approx size being L120cm x W80 x H100cm. The weight would be approx 70kgs.

      I hope that helps but please let me know should you require further assistance.

      Best Wishes,

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  2. Javier Scasso asks 7 Aug 2019

    I'm Javier Scasso from Argentina. Do you send this roaster to Argentina? Please send me more information about the solar.

    1. Marko Trkulja answers 29 Aug 2019

      Dear Javier,

      We have shipped to Argentina before and we can offer obtain shipping estimates if you would like to contact us however we recommend using a more local supplier.

      Kind Regards,
      Bella Barista

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2 Item(s)

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