Coffee-Tech The FZ-94 pro lab-roaster - Commercial Coffee Roaster

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The FZ-94 pro lab-roaster was designed with Roast-Masters in mind; it is simply the most advanced roaster of its kind in the world. This unique coffee roaster truly offers total control over the roast process while still maintaining user-friendly operations, a small footprint, a stunning design and outstanding roasting quality of the entire capacity range. The roasting capacity range in the FZ-94 is anything from 100 gr to 2.4 kg. Roasting with the FZ-94 pro-lab roaster allows Roast-Masters and true aficionados to experience and experiment with the widest spectrum possible of roasting factors. In the FZ-94 we embedded speed control for the drum, and another one for the drum venting blower while temperatures are measured by three individual digital probes and PID controllers. Exploring the full range of possibilities in professional roasting was never as accessible as it is with the FZ-94 pro Lab-Roaster.
/Batch Capacity: 0.1 – 2.4 Kg (0.4 – 5.3 lbs.) of green coffee /Roasting Cycle: 16-18 minutes for full batch (after preheat) /Roasting output: ~10 Kg per hour /Operation method: Individual manual operation of heating elements; digital frequency inverters for controlling convection ratio(airflow blower) & drum speed /Electrical Specifications: 220-240 Volts 50/60 Hz. 3200 Watt single phase /Drum Motor: 1/8 HP AC, heavy duty /Heating Method: Electrical; specially made high temperature metal infrared heating elements (3X1000 Watt) /Cooling: An external group, removable aluminum perforated pan for immediate heat absorption and heat transformation, with high capacity centrifugal blower /Process Quality Control: Large Pyrex lens, sampler and three separate temperatures displays (beans, drum ambience and exhaust air) for optimal monitoring of roasting progress /Chaff Collection: Cyclone type for roasting and additional trap box type chaff collector for the cooling /Dimensions: 65(w) X 77(d) X 88(h) /Weight: 65Kg
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