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Coffee Capsules

Capsules ?

In response to literally scores of customers requests, the team at BellaBarista™ has worked long and hard to come up with a solution to deliver the best possible taste experience, whilst being incredibly simple to prepare.
The result is our BellaPronto™ range of capsules.
Designed and produced through extensive collaboration between BellaBarista™ and the world’s foremost coffee roasters in Naples, who lovingly roast and grind the beans to perfection before being carefully tamped into custom-designed capsules and packaged into hermetically-sealed pouches, ready to use whenever the mood takes you.
Why use BellaPronto over the leading brand capsules currently available
Many of the major suppliers of capsules typically have only 5 grams of coffee, there is not a real coffee bar in the world that would serve you a coffee made with 5 grams of coffee That’s why BellaPronto™ has 7 grams.
Do I kneed a special coffee machine?
No, With our ProntoPorta™ Filter Holder BellaPronto™ capsules can be used effortlessly with most of the extensive range of E61 group head machines.
Decaf for those who prefer
If you have struggled to give your guests that a truly memorable decaf coffee, without the hassle of having to change beans in your grinder, (or you don’t even own a grinder!) then BellaPronto™ Capsules provide the ideal solution. Want something a little different Then our essence range offers a simple solution to offer a new taste experience to your coffee enjoyment. Made with a blend of Arabica and Robusta to which is added a subtle flavour to tickle your taste buds

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