Brazil Camocim Caturra Organic - Unroasted - Green Bean 1kg

Brazil Camocim Caturra - Single Origin Arabica Tasting Notes: Chocolate | Hazelnut | Orange Peel Chocolate Sweetness with a well rounded body. Orange acidity with Hazelnut notes.
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Brazil Camocim Caturra

  • Bean name: Brazil Camocim Organic Caturra
  • Country: Brazil
  • Region: Pedra Azul do Arace

This farm is one of the best known organic farms in Brazil, And swapped to organic production in 1999 under the ownership of Henrique Sloper Araujo. They also Demeter Bio Dynamic approved certification (which share many things with organic but takes some of the procedures to the next level).

Here we have one of the main varietals from the Camocim Estate the Caturra. Low acidity, full body, delicate sweet taste with Orange notes on the aroma.


  • Clean cup:6/8
  • Sweetness:6/8
  • Acidity:7/8
  • Mouthfeel:6/8
  • Flavour:6/8
  • Aftertaste:6/8
  • Balance:6/8
  • Overall:6/8
  • Correction:+36
  • Total:85
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Ratings & Reviews

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