Colombia Terruño Montalvo Excelso - 250 Grams

Direct Relationship - We deal direct with the small co-operative of farmers. The coffee has just arrived February 2021 and shipped direct to us. The farmers benefit directly, no middle men.

Cup Profile: Toffee| Plum | Blackcurrant
The balance is round with a med-rich body. Sweet acidic notes of juicy Blackcurrant ,Plum and Toffee sweetness.
Purchasing fresh roast coffee from Bella Barista, comes from our award winning small batch coffee roastery here on site. The Roastery at Bella Barista roasts most days. Most of the time this ensures your purchase will be roasted within 1 to 7 days. *Also depending on courier and shipping option.
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  • Origin: Colombia
  • Flavour Profile: Blackcurrant, Plum, Toffee
  • Mouthfeel: Well Balanced
  • Sweetness: Med-High
  • Varietal: Castillo, Caturro, Typica

This Organic Arabica coffee comes from a small cooperative of farms located in central Colombia Andes mountains of Tolima with the spectacular mountain backdrop of “los Nevados”.

San Pedro and La Bella, host over 1500 small farms, all above an altitude from 1700 to over 2200 meters and from 1 to 4 hectares. At this altitude the slowly grown bean develops wonderful pronounced profiles; this is where the real high-quality Specialties are found; the terra enriched in volcanic soils and numerous fresh mountain streams.

This ensures that all our coffees are completely traceable from the Farm to Cup, giving the consumer that experience of tasting those special profiles of Micro-Lots harvested from a single Colombian Farm

Through partnerships with the farmers our Social practices ensure that all benefit. Paying the farmer a real fair price, based on quality and incentives on sales.

The coffees are rich in flavour, notes of red fruits, herbs, citric and lemon, deep intense chocolate and sweet panela, full bodied, and wonderfully balanced, with excellent acidity and an amazing after taste.

The coffees grown are Heirloom Typica, yellow and red Bourbon and Caturra; some plants are over 80 years old, fully organic, sustainable and environmentally protected. The area has recently been certified Organic USDA

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