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Export Order Discount

Export Order Discount

Special Export Discount

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Special Export Discount!

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*Our full warranty is only available for coffee machines and grinders supplied into the UK.
**For ALL coffee machines and grinders exported outside of the UK the warranty will be a parts only warranty.
***To compensate for this and the additional carriage charges an additional discount for export will be deducted at check out.

12 months parts only.
(minimum order £370)
For countries outside of the EU the UK VAT will be deducted at check out

We use Fedex International Priority. Includes Transit Insurance.
We ship to Singapore, China, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia and Qatar.

We ship on a weekly basis to Singapore, Saudi Arabia, China | SAR | Hong Kong and the United Arab Emirates (UAE). We currently use Fedex International Priority. Includes Shipping Insurance.
For example a Rocket Espresso R58 dual boiler coffee machine to these addresses would cost the approx the following:

Rocket Espresso R58 Example

  • Rocket R58 | £1799 Inc VAT
  • Rocket R58 | £1499 Ex VAT
  • *20% off VAT/TAX as order leaves EU.
  • =====================
  • Export Discount | -£30
  • Shipping Approx | £180 - £240
  • *Shipping cost may differ on the country.
  • =====================
  • Grand Total Approx £1699

Ordering through the website and specify a shipping country outside of the EU will automatically deduct the VAT / TAX of 20%. It will also automatically deduct the export discount as well. Please create a Bella Barista account first, so we can put the Serial Number of the coffee machine or grinder onto your account for warranty reasons.

If the order includes an espresso machine and espresso grinder the shipping cost increases approx £50-£70 for the additional box. We can then often pack smaller accessories into the grinder box. You will gain an additional 3% package deal discount that helps with the additional shipping cost of sending two boxes.

We spend an additional £20 on extra strong card board boxes with polystyrene cavity corner struts. We provide these outer boxes for the Espresso Machines and Grinders. This helps the safety of the items in transit.
Our espresso machine and grinders are 230-240 Voltage. This spec is similar to Saudi, Malaysia, Qatar, Singapore, Hong Kong China SAR and UAE.
If you can "Add to basket" on our website, we physically have the items in stock and can dispatch most often the same day before 1-2 PM BST.
The Fedex International Priority can sometimes come as quick as two working days to these destinations mentioned. We had a ECM Synchronika sent on Friday 10th Feb and it arrived with the customer on Monday the 13th Feb to Singapore. We have had examples of this happening to Australia, New Zealand as well.
Please expect 5-10 working days, from dispatch confirmation as sometimes orders can get held in customs.
As a precaution. When signing for a parcel, if you see any signs of damage to the outer box, please sign for as damaged and notify Fedex and us (Bella Barista within 24 hours. We include shipping Insurance with Fedex International Priority, but they must be notified within 24 hours of signing for the machine if you see signs of damage in transit. We do not pay customs. You as the customer must pay import duty. You do receive 20% Tax / VAT discount and our export discount. Please see the example above.

If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to contact us. Often through LiveChat we can give you more accurate shipping costs and maybe save you a little extra money.