Gaslight Espresso Blend 250g – Subscription

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Choose your coffee to be delivered the best way, little and often. You can choose to have your coffee subscription weekly, fortnightly, thrice weekly or monthly.

*Please note Paypal is the only Payment Method currently that works with the Bella Barista coffee subscription.

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Would you like Gaslight Espresso coffee delivered to you regularly, charged via recurring payments?

So what should a house blend be?

We believe it should be sweet, rich, able to cut through milk without being bitter as a straight espresso and forgiving of varying temperatures and techniques.

The mix – A washed Colombia Terruno brings juicy caramel & berry sweetness,  Honduras Liquidambar  washed processed for its chocolate tones & a semi-washed processed Brazil Camocim Espirito Santo for the acidity as the cherry on the top – literally.

The Recipe
18g dose producing 36g of espresso in about 26 seconds at 92c if you’re into numbers.

Reason for the blend name – Bella Barista’s showroom and roastery is located at Nene Court, the Victorian site that once started life as the Wellingborough Gas Light Company – 1832.

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