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First of all thank you for visiting our website. Fed up of the throw away culture and items only lasting/designed to last for a few years, we setup Bella Barista Est.1998. We strongly believe in commercial built, hand assembled coffee machines for the home. Knowing if we offered the correct support customers would not only enjoy great coffee but also have the ability to maintain a beautiful piece of machinery.

Specialising in one group professional espresso coffee machines and espresso grinders for the home, we review and retail what we call "prosumer" coffee machines. Selecting what we feel are the best coffee machines and coffee grinders considering, the core principles of build and value. We like to form direct partnerships with coffee machine and grinder manufacturers, missing out distributors and middle men offering you the best price possible.

Below are third party links to coffee machine manufacturers we have created special partnerships up with and like minded businesses.

Please note, that Bella Barista is not responsible for the content of external internet sites.

ROCKET ESPRESSO Coffee Machine Manufacturer - Rocket Espresso Milano - Espresso Machines.
ECM Coffee Machine Manufacturer based in Germany. Produces of exquisite prosumer coffee machines
IZZO Coffee Machine Manufacturer and Coffee Roaster based in Italy. One our longest running relationships. We had the pleasure of giving our input to the production of one of the first ever domestic dual boiler coffee machines. The Izzo Alex Duetto.
RANCILIO Coffee Machine Manufacturer based in Italy. Home of the famous Rancilio Silvia.
NUOVA SIMONELLI Coffee Machine Manufacturer based in Italy
EXPOBAR Coffee Machine Manufacturer based in Germany. Produces of exquisite prosumer coffee machines
QUICK MILL Coffee Machine Manufacturer based in Italy.
ORCHESTRALE Coffee Machine Manufacturer based in Italy. Bella Barista are official UK stockists of the Nota
ASCASO Coffee Machine Manufacturer based in Spain.
LELIT Coffee Machine Manufacturer based in Italy. Lelit produce amazing professional small footprint coffee machines.
The Roastery The Roastery - UK Award winning small batch coffee roasters, based in Wellingborough, Northamptonshire. Bella Barista are delighted to offer our own small batch coffee roastery. We provide fresh roast coffee for local trade businesses and retail our coffee from the Bella Barista showroom. The Roastery website is a roast and post coffee subscription service. This gives you full control, pay as you go service to receive your coffee fresh as and when you want it. We also have a Barista training academy on site offering home barista courses for individuals and soon to offer SCA official Barista training certification.
Towability Trailers Towability Trailers - UK Mobile Catering Trailer Specialists. Bella Barista's parent business. Over the years Towability has gained huge experience in manufacturing trailers for mobile coffee businesses and notably gas operated commercial coffee machines, with clients such as Coffee Nation and Costa Coffee. We branched out to provide one group machines for exceptional tasting coffee at home. This is how Bella Barista was born
Nene Court Nene Court is where Bella Barista's main office is based in Wellingborough, Northamptonshire. We have a showroom dedicated to all our espresso machines, that can be seen any time during the week. (by appointment.Please click the contact page to arrange to a visit. We strongly recommend this if you are considering a new coffee machine purchase.)
Coffee Community Paul Meikle-Janney, has hosted some of his renowned barista training weekends here at Bella Barista. His subject knowledge and barista training skills are hugely recommended by us. Coffee Community - Barista Training, Café Consultancy, Bar Design & Fabrication
Coffee Forums UK Coffee Forums UK - the UK's premier coffee forums.
CoffeeGeek CoffeeGeek is what is commonly known as a "community" website, one that allows active participation by people from around the world. CoffeeGeek's main purpose is to inform, educate and entertain coffee and espresso lovers from around the world.

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