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Mahlkonig Vario Espresso Coffee Grinder

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The great new home and light professional burr grinder from Mahlkonig.

Grind on Demand

Freshly ground portion grinding and espresso, filter, and cafetiere

Please note. Mahlkonig Vario's are tested with coffee by Mahlkonig, the manufacturer. *We only sell brand new Vario grinders. There will however by evidence of coffee from testing at Mahlkonig.

Mahlkonig Vario Espresso Coffee Grinder


Electronically controlled (timer)
Variable programming
Coarse and fine tuning with over 150 grind settings

Easy time programming via LC display
Hands-free operation for a port-a-filter

54 mm ceramic-burrs
Belt-drive motor for super quiet operation
Compact Design
LC display
Easy cleaning
220g Container

Grinding capacity approx. 1.6g/sec
Hopper Capacity approx. 0.48 lbs
Dimensions 12.5 x 37 x 16 cm
Voltage 200-230v
Current consumption max. 2A
Power consumption 200W
Rotations/minute 1000
Grinding disc diameter 54mm (ceramic)
Net weight 3.7kg

Facts about VARIO Developed 2007 - 2009
Introduction Copenhagen SCAE Conference June 2008
Start of serial production Sept. 2008

What does Grind-on-Demand stand for?
Ground coffee looses more than half of its aroma within appr. 15 minutes due to oxygen, humidity and light dissolving the volatile aromas out of the broken cells. The whole bean protects the aroma inside the cells. In order to minimise the aroma loss Grind-on-Demand-grinders only grind the amount of coffee beans that are needed for the shot. Dosing is done through a timer in the grinders software. The doser chamber known from traditional grinders is not needed anymore. Therefore Grind-on-Demand ensures constant quality in every cup and equal treatment for every customer because every dose for every cup is freshly ground. How do I adjust the porta filter holder to the portafilter of my espresso machine? Please follow the operating instructions, or:
Remove the porta filter holder.
Place the porta filter of your espresso machine in the porta filter holder. To do this, place the porta filter on the support, raise the handle and push it under the retaining catch. The porta filter should now sit firmly and horizontally in the holder. If your porta filter does not sit horizontally in the holder, you can reset the porta filter support. Loosen the screw at the lower front of the support using a cross-head or flat-head screwdriver, and move the support to the required height, so that the porta filter is held horizontally between the support and the catch. Then tighten the screw again.
What is the capacity of the hopper of the VARIO?
appr. 220g / 0.5lbs

What is the weight of the VARIO? net weight: 3,7kg / 8,15lbs

What is the grind speed of the VARIO? appr. 1.6 g/s (fi ne grinding for espresso)
appr. 4 g/s (coarse grinding for French press)

Which factors does the grind speed of the VARIO depend on? Origin of the coffee,
Type of coffee (arabica, robusta, etc. ),
Size of beans,
Degree of roasting,
Cooling method after roasting (i.e. moisture content of the bean) PLEASE NOTE: THESE GRINDERS ARE SUPPLIED WITH A UK PLUG
More Information
Grinder Make Model Blank
Motor Power (W) Watts
Grinder Grind Actuation Portafilter push, press buttons, switch
Grinder Application Commercial/Light Commercial/Domestic
Grinder Body Construction Metal/Metal/Plastic/Plastic
Grinder Burr Drive Belt/Direct
Grinder Burr Material Ceramic
Grinder Burr Type Size flat, conical
Grinder Colour colours available
Grinder Dimensions HxWxD
Grinds To Doser Yes/ No (grinds storage chamber with lever to dispense measured amounts of ground coffee)
Grind Adjustment stepped, or continuously variable
Grinds To Container Yes / No
Hopper Capacity Grams
Grinds Direct to PF Holder Grinds Direct to Porta Filter Holder
Grinder Small Hopper Available Yes/No
Grind Timer Yes, No, multiple
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