Mazzer Mini Electronic Model A - Espresso Grinder - Matt Black

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This quite simply is the ultimate espresso coffee grinder!

Bella Barista gives the Mazzer Mini Electronic a solid stamp of approval. Comes supplied with a 600g hopper.

Although MINI by name this is a MIGHTY Grinder. Check out any of the coffee enthusiasts web sites and you will discover that, this is the grinder most serious coffee lovers would love to have. The power of this machine ensure that coffee is not burnt or strained even when ground very fine . If you are serious about coffee then you will want a Mazzer Mini Electronic For those who do not want to have ground coffee hanging around in the hopper this dispenses single or double shots to your prescribed amount automatically at the touch of a button (Model A - finger press) MODEL "A" Has touch buttons on top of the dispenser lid.

Mazzer Mini Electronic Model A Espresso Grinder - Black, is a professional espresso grinder


Ideal for light commercial use and the Home coffee enthusiast. Comes supplied with a 600g hopper. Features a key pad, with single and double dose timer control.

Part of Mazzer electronic range of grinders. Electronic Doserless grinders are in most demand for the prosumer home coffee enthusiast. They allow operators to grind fresh coffee for every serve. No ground coffee is sitting in the doser going stale. Mazzer have put a lot of research into the chute that dispenses the coffee. A typical complaint with doserless grinders is that the coffee clumps as it comes out the small chute. This causes two problems, the first is that coffee sticks inside the chute and stays there causing stale coffee to be dispensed, the second is the static causes the coffee to fall in clumps to the portafilter giving a higher likelihood of channelling when extracting. Mazzer have over come this by producing a unique stainless steel conical chute, resulting in very little static and clumping or wastage.

The Mazzer Mini Electronic would be a perfect second grinder in café; for decaf or single origin coffee, or for a home user to grind on demand. It is operated by three buttons on the lid of the chute. One button is for a single shot, one is for a double shot and the other is a manual on/off button. The first two are programmable by the operator.
We find this is easier to use over the type 'B' version, as sometimes you can press the dose twice by mistake with the porta filter.
The Mazzer Mini Electronic has 64mm burrs compared to the Mazzer Mini 58mm burrs.

Manufacturers Description:

GRINDER-DOSER MINI ELECTRONIC stepless micrometrical grinding
ADJUSTMENT Electronic device to select the dose. It grinds on demand.
Every dose of coffee is fresh
Single and double dose with indipendent adjustment. mod. A = Push button panel operating device.

Manufacturer's Technical Features:

Power Watt 250
Grinding burrs (ref. 189D) mm ø 64 (21/2 inches)
Grinding burr speed g/min 1400 (50 Hz) g/min 1600 (60 Hz)
Coffee-bean container capacity Kg 0,6 (1,3 lbs)
Dose adjustment g 4-19 (0,14-0,67 oz)
Net weight Kg 10.2 (22,5 lbs)
More Information
Grinder Make Model Type A
Motor Power (W) Power Watt 250
Grinder Grind Actuation Stepless Micrometrical Grinding
Grinder Application Commercial/Light Commercial/Domestic
Grinder Body Construction Metal
Grinder Burr Drive Direct Drive
Grinder Burr Material Hardened Steel
Grinder Burr Type Size Flat Burrs - 64mm
Grinder Colour Matt Black
Grinder Dimensions Height 47cm With Standard 500g Hopper. 43cm With Smaller 320g hopper.
Grinds To Doser Not this version. Look for cheaper Mazzer Manual.
Grind Adjustment Stepless Micrometrical Grinding
Grinds To Container Grinds On Demand. Straight into handle.
Hopper Capacity Grams
Grinds Direct to PF Holder Yes
Grinder Small Hopper Available Yes. Optional Extra.
Grind Timer Two Timer Options. Eg Single and Double
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