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Mogok Organic Black Tea Monsoon - Whole Sale Pouch 250 Grams

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The incredible story of founder Phyu Thwe and Mogok Tea from the Five Trees Estate, Myanmar. We urge you to visit. www.mogoktea.co.uk. It's a privaledge to be able to bring to you this rare organic tea to you.

Mogok Black Tea Monsoon 30 Grams - Refill Pouch

It is extremely rare to find a black tea being made in Myanmar and our carefully crafted black tea is a real gem. With a naturally sweet and fruity character and deep richness, this tea is a perfect way to start the day or as a welcome afternoon pick-me-up.


The tea picking season is split into three. 1st - Pre-Monsoon - April to June 2nd - Monsoon - July to September 3rd - October to December Teas from different times in each season are blended to give uniform structure, the difference between the seasons are subtle but characteristics of the teas remain very similar.


Brew Guides

Black Tea

  • 3 grams per 200ml
  • 95° Water
  • Brew for 3-4 Minutes
  • This tea can be brewed several times as long as the leaves are removed from the liquor after steeping.


The Five Trees Estate

The tea plants are semi-wild and organically cultivated. The plants grow naturally and sporadically and only the tender two leaves and bud are plucked from the tree. Meaning a lot of walking is required to gather the very small amount of leaves which make it through to the next process.

The priority at The Five Trees Estate is always quality, never quantity.

Mogok Tea Five Trees Estate Workers Mogok Tea Pickers - Ceremonial Dress Tea Picker Mogok Tea


The Scottish Tea Factory

Phyu would like to thank all the help and stewardship from consultant Beverly Wainwright at the Scottish Tea Factory for making this happen. Beverly has helped set long term aim to continue reinvesting in training and the improving the tea production process.
The Scottish Tea Factory



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