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Solo Single Dose Coffee Grinder

The Solo Coffee Grinder - The 64mm Flat Burr Single Dose Grinder
7 months ago
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Coronavirus Covid-19

Bella Barista - The Bella Barista showroom is still temporarily closed to the public. We do however offer a click and collect service as well as normal online orders.

The Roastery - The small batch coffee roastery is operating as normal for local wholesale and home customers. The coffee subscription has continued to operate throughout the pandemic as well felt this was an important service. The Roastery showroom is closed to the public temporarily, however were going to open a new collection point Mid September 2020.

2 years ago
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Lelit MaraX - Review

2 years ago
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Crem One 2B R-LFPP Dual

2 years ago
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1Zpresso Q2 hand Grinder

2 years ago
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REVIEW - 1Zpresso JX and JX-Pro Hand Grinders

Bella Barista are now official stockists of 1Zpresso

Dave C has provided his own independent review detailing the 1Zpresso. He gives a detailed closer look review of the three current models we have in stock.

2 years ago
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New 1Zpresso Hand Grinder

Looking for a high quality, compact hand grinder which produces excellent filter and espresso ground coffee, then look no further!
2 years ago
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Black Friday

We’re proud to say that we don’t do #BlackFriday, but we do promise to give you the best prices and customer service everyday of the year.
2 years ago
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Eureka Speciality Atom 75E Grinder

2 years ago
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