Bella Barista News

The New Rocket Espresso Cronometro

New small up-date for the Giotto and Mozzafiato models is the shot timer.
11 day ago

ECM Flow Valve

Take your ECM Synchronika to the next level.
18 day ago

Plastic Free Coffee Packaging

Bella Barista are delighted to announce the new plastic free coffee packaging on 250 gram bags of coffee. The bag and label can simply be put into paper recycling.
18 day ago

Colombia El Oasis Single Estate Arabica Coffee

The Roastery at Bella Barista have started a direct relationship with the Diaz family from Colombia offering this beautiful coffee. As filter its bursting with juicy grape and floral tones.
1 month ago

REVIEW - Rocket Espresso R NINE One

The Rocket R NINE One dual boiler espresso machine. It's the latest pump pressure profile machine with saturated brew group from Rocket Espresso. Dial the grinder a little finer and draw out a longer preinfusion and make your single origin coffee taste as sweet as jam.
8 months ago

Closer Look: Lelit Mara PL62S & PL62

Bella Barista are now official stockists of Lelit in the UK.

Dave C has provided his own independent review detailing the the Lelit Mara. A small Heat Exchanger machine that we think is perfect for the prosumer - Prosumer meaning: Professional Coffee Machine Home User. Dave C gives a detailed closer look review of both Lelit Mara models the PL62S and PL62

2 years ago