Bella Barista News

The new range from Crem

Expobar has now been rebranded, revamped and under the new name of Crem which has recently launched an exciting new range of coffee machines called "The One". The Expobar Leva (heat exchanger and dual boiler) have for many years, been a popular model, mainly because of the specifications it offers at an attractive price. Bellabarista had offered these machines for over a decade but after receiving news of a takeover from the well known catering company Wellbilt early in 2019, we can now release details of the new range.
24 day ago

Brew Sticks and Agitation? What are the benefits!

Kruve have recently launched a new "brew stick" to their range and here we explain the benefits.  
24 day ago

New Glass range from Kruve

The new Glassware range from Kruve are a must have for all coffee brewing enthusiasts. Stylish yet completely practical.

24 day ago

A Brew-tiful trip to Brazil

Our MD Marcel and his wife Natalie have travelled to Camocim in Brazil to visit the estate that our most popular single origin is from.
24 day ago

The New Rocket Espresso Cronometro

New small up-date for the Giotto and Mozzafiato models is the shot timer.
2 months ago

ECM Flow Valve

Take your ECM Synchronika to the next level.
2 months ago

Plastic Free Coffee Packaging

Bella Barista are delighted to announce the new plastic free coffee packaging on 250 gram bags of coffee. The bag and label can simply be put into paper recycling.
2 months ago

Colombia El Oasis Single Estate Arabica Coffee

The Roastery at Bella Barista have started a direct relationship with the Diaz family from Colombia offering this beautiful coffee. As filter its bursting with juicy grape and floral tones.
3 months ago