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The NEW Sandbox Coffee Roaster.

The Sandbox is set to revolutionise home roasting, a very easy to use home or sample roaster. With the ios/android app ( free access) makes it easy for complete beginners but with manual controls and variations, via the app, the Sandbox will satisfy even professional roasters. Plug the Sandbox into a standard 13 amp plug use a pre-loaded profile in the app and you could have your first roast within 15 minutes. Once you start developing your own profiles you can save up to 10 different personal profiles. If you register for the VIP membership (additional cost) you can store numerous profiles and share with other VIP members. Now Available for Bellabarista Customers - 6 months free membership.

Sandbox - Bella Barista Introduction Video.

Sandbox from Sandbox on YouTube.

Closer Look Review of the Sandbox Roaster

Once you start developing your own profile they can be stored and shared. In the unlikely event the server is down the roaster will still function with the app using the profiles in the app , Now with 6 months free VIP membership

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The Sandbox is a revolutionary home coffee roaster which uses Smart technology, compatible an Android/ios App.

The best profile provides by Sandbox Smart expert with rich and aromatic flavour with just a 100g of green beans no matter in light/medium or dark roast.

  • Model: Sandbox Smart R1
  • Batch Capacity: 100g (0.22lbs)
  • *Bella Barista Roasts Tests have yielded good results with 150grams Batch Capacity
  • Size: 23cm wide 25.5 deep 26cm high
  • Heating Method: Electric Heating
  • Voltage: AC 110V / 220V (50-60) Hz
  • Power: 600W
  • Drum Rotation: 30rpm
  • Communication: Bluetooth

Manual mode

For advance coffee lover, Sandbox Smart provides manual mode as an alternative profile of coffee bean roasting. You can adjust all the key parameters of bean roasting:heat, damper, and speed. You can also adjust the time and parameters after the first crack to create your own coffee flavour and profile. Sandbox Smart R1 gives you creativity and fun while having flavour and taste !


  • *Easy to use app
  • *Pre loaded profiles
  • *Last roast profiles automatically stored
  • *15 minute roast time
  • * Adjustable heat/damper/fan speed



PLEASE NOTE: If there is no WiFi connection available, you can still access the last profile used on the app, this means that if you are roasting in a location with no WiFi, simply ensure you are on your favourite profile. You can also access all the official profiles and adjust them "on the fly".

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