Izzo Alex Duetto IV Plus Espresso Machine

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The New Izzo Alex Duetto MK IV Espresso Coffee Machine

A machine we have been heavily involved with since the first model over 10 years ago. This dual boiler needs no introduction. The original dual boiler prosumer machine.

Take a look at the new changes for the Izzo Alex Duetto IV Plus.

Alex Duetto IV Plus Gallery and Unboxing video


New in the Duetto IV Plus:
  • The Plus model has greater cup clearance.
  • New Improvements to the Alex Duetto 2017 Model
  • New PID Temperature Controller – With Shot Timer
  • The motor is now installed over the Pump. (Previously mentioned by DaveC)
  • Improved E61 (Stainless Steel Mushroom – Part inside the Famous E61 Group)
  • Easy to Adjust pump pressure. Accessible form the side without dissembling the machine.
  • Easy to descale. New valves to easily empty the boiler water.
  • Easy to access heating elements. Accessible by unscrewing part of the base of the machine
  • Lower cup clearance drip tray with magnets to allow easier positioning.
  • Automatic water loading – The water level probe inside the boiler manages plumbing, water level parameters for
  • +The Tank sensor is automatically turned off when the machine is plumbed into the main water supply.
  • +In case of failure of the main water system the machine is automatically turned off.

E-61 Brew Head: The commercial-grade E-61 brew group excels at temperature regulation for superior espresso extraction. This model also features automatic pre-infusion to maximise drink flavor and aroma. A thermal siphon design stabilises the brew group's temperature during periods of inactivity.

58 mm chrome-plated brass portafilter with two filter baskets, for single and double-shot espressos, as well a disc for backflushing.

3-Way Bi-pass Valve & Lever Control: Like the Alex II, this model incorporates a user-friendly lever design for shot initiation and, once you end the shot, pressure will be released via the three-way valve, leaving you with a dry puck for easy disposal.

Gicar proportional–integral–derivative controller (PID controller): The advanced Gicar PID lets you adjust boiler temperatures to fine-tune steaming and extraction results.

The water reservoir has a generous 2.4-litre capacity and an integrated sensor that will switch the machine off if water levels are too low to prevent a dry boil. This model can also be plumbed directly to a water source. A stainless steel braided water-line is included.

Machine operations generate minimal noise, thanks to the professional-grade rotary pump.

Both the steam wand and hot water nozzle can be swivelled as needed and feature no-burn designs for safe operation. The steam wand has a four-hole design to create hassle-free micro foam.

Two manometers, (pressure gauges), one for steam and the other for the brew group

Vacuum breaker valve that diverts steam back to water tank

Dual Boiler System

This prosumer model has dual insulated copper boilers for top-of-the-line performance. The dedicated brew and steam boilers are both PID controlled, adjustable by one degree Fahrenheit at a time. The autonomous nature of the boilers allows them to maintain different brewing and steaming temperatures, if need be.

An added benefit of having two boilers is the ability to switch an inactive boiler off to conserve power. If you’re simply brewing and do not need to steam or froth, the Izzo Alex Duetto IV will actually allow you to turn the steam boiler off and vice versa. The steam boiler has a 1200-watt heating element and the brew boiler is served by a 800-watt element.

E61 Lever Action Group head: A commercial quality group head that helps greater ensure temperature stability. Dual Boilers: 1.8 Liter insulated copper steam boiler and .8 Liter group boiler. Tank or Plumbed: Rotary pump and 2.4 Litre water tank with lever control to switch between direct-plumbed and reservoir which can be accessed by removing the cup tray on top. All-Stainless Construction: Including double-walled outer frame, now with no gap around top rim. No-Burn Wands: No-burn steam and hot water wands.

Other Details:

  • Two pressure gauges, one for steam and one for the group
  • Two red lights to indicate power to group or steam boilers
  • 1200 Watt heater for Steam Boiler and 800 Watt heater for Group Boiler
  • New polished metal feet
  • Low Water Sensor
  • Vacuum Breaker Valve that diverts steam back to water tank
  • Over Pressure Valve sends water back to drip try if the pump pressure gets to high
  • 15 or 20 Amp operation (Standard is 20, while 15 can be programmed through PID and requires converter cord listed in options when adding to cart)
PID Functions Digitally controls the temperature in both the Group Boiler as well as the Steam Boiler Can change the machines operation mode between 15 and 20 amps Can switch temperature display between Celsius and Fahrenheit Can program the offset to ensure that the temperature selected is the temperature of the water exiting the group Either boiler can be turned off (there is also a dedicate switch for the Steam Boiler on the side of the machine) Accessories:

Ergonomic 58 millimetre portafilters: one single and one double Stainless steel blank disk for back flushing Stainless steel Izzo tamper Pros The PID allows precise temperature control. There is plenty of steam with a dedicated 1.8 L steam boiler. E61 group head provides further temperature stability and pre-infusion.

More Info

More Information
Make Izzo
Model Alex Duetto IV - UK Spec - 230V
Boiler Type Dual Boiler
Brew Group E61
Operation Semi Automatic
Indicator Lights .
Size and Weight .
Noise at 50cm in DB .
Internal Water tank Capacity 2 Litre
Tank Access Top Access
Water Connection Yes
Boiler Volume (Steam,Brew) .
Boiler Construction Brass / Copper Alloy
Insulated Steam/Brew Boiler Yes
Pressure Gauges Brew and Pump
Adjustable Brew Pressure Yes. PID Control
Pump Type Rotary
No Burn Steam Wand .
No Burn Water Wand .
Steam/Water Valve Type .
Temperature Control Yes - PID (Digital Diplay)
Drip Tray capacity/Construction .
Drip Tray drain kit for plumbed operation .
Body Construction Stainless Steel
Colours Available .
Low Water Cut Off .
Low Water Indication .
Number Porta Filter Holders Single and Double Spout
Free Tamper .
Feet Height Adjustable .
Time to froth 200ml of milk .
Other Features Easy access to the heating elements.
Other Feature Magnets for easy positioning of the drip-tray.
Other Feature Refind E61 - Stainless Steel Mushroom


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