The Single 1 Cup (9.5gr) Cup Filter by IMS

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THE SINGLE filter basket, allows you to extract without modifying your grinder's setting or adding extra coffee.
THE SINGLE is a single filter for professional espresso coffee machines, revolutionary in terms of shape and performance, which allows a uniform, rich and balanced coffee extraction. Born as an alternative for those who love the taste and characteristics of a double extraction, but with only half the quantity of coffee.
The exclusive shape, absolutely new in the market No gaps, for a homogeneous extraction Maximum use of the coffee puck, which remains intact and compact The filter is left cleaner than with regular filters.
The heights are directly proportional to the quantity of coffee contained by THE SINGLE. This allows a perfect combination between the setting of double filter (ie. 18g) and THE SINGLE (ie 9g) but using the same settings; it also requires no extra coffee (as it normally happens in a classic one-cup filter), keeping the same profile*.
Half-moon shape, with central holes. It balances the extraction speed, making it similar to the double filter, without modifying your grinder's setting or adding extra coffee.
Linear extraction, no risk of over-extraction and channelling. *taste profile:what you need to expect from THE SINGLE's extraction, compared to the double, is a single espresso with a more balanced taste, slightly less rich, but with a long lasting and very delicate aftertaste.
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  1. Gochgorn Aswapromtada asks about The Single 1 Cup (9.5gr) Cup Filter by IMS 19 Sep 2019

    For Rocket R58? Thanks

    1. David Lombari answers 24 Sep 2019

      Hi There.

      Yes, this fits E61 grouphead machines which includes the R58.


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