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Vesuvius Dual Boiler Espresso Coffee Machine


Is this the Ultimate Prosumer Coffee Machine? If you look at the features then it looks like it could be....

  • Pressure Profiling  Pre set 7 different stages of pressures for your extraxction 
  • Store 5 different profiles so you can change your extraction pressures at the touch of a button
  • Twin Stainless Boiler
  • PID Control of the Boilers

    It is simply erupting with features ! 

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Home Barista Review

Vesuvius Dual Boiler Espresso Coffee Machine - UK Specification

Certainly if you collected all the features most dreamed up in one machine the Vesuvius would appear to have ticked all the boxes. The Vesuvius from Ambient Espresso is the result of 2 years development and collaboration with the industries foremost innovators. The features confirm that this is the ultimate “prosumer” machine currently on offer

• The ability to control the pressure of the extraction through 5 separate stages For example it is possible to completely emulate the extraction of a lever machine :- 4 seconds at 2 bar for pre infusion-10 seconds at 12 bar 6 seconds at 10 bar-4 seconds at 8bar- 3 seconds at 2 bar The perfect extraction profile.
• 5 preset where you can store your pressure profiles
• Eco stage Vesuvius will reduce temperature to a “standby mode” the time delay can be set when the Vesuvius switches into Eco mode
• All of the important actions displayed on the digital display
• Display is touch screen and the colour and contrast can be changed
• PID control for brew boiler and Steam boiler
• Built in timer to switch machine on and off also closed days
• Clean uncluttered classic Italian design
• Easy case removal and access to components
• Magnetic gear pump fed from reservoir tank even when plumbed in for constant input pressure, no need for pressure reducing at mains
• Stainless steel boilers with insulation
• Easy drainage of boilers for descaling
• Less component parts than traditional machines
• Awesome steaming ability 200ml in 17 seconds!
• In low voltage areas boilers can be set to sequential
• Side access to reservoir avoids having to remove cups from warming tray

Rodney Binley of Bella Barista has his first look at the Ambient Espresso Vesuvius

For those who want even more in depth information on how the digital display functions

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