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Winter Batch Salt Marsh Brazil Camocim Roast Coffee - 250 Grams

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The Last of the Winter Batch!
Roast Date Friday 10th July 2020

We have just received delivery of the fabulous Brazilian Camocim green beans stored throughout the Winter in the Norfolk salt marshes. (Stored Period September 2019 to February 2020). With a winter of wind and rain we have high expectations of the effect on the Brazil Camocim Iapar 59 Arabica coffee, stored at the Norfolk salt marshes. After recent sample roasts and cupping once again this unique environment of the Norfolk salt marshes has led to a wonderful harvest.

The first batch will be roasted on Friday 10th July and will be posted the day after. The Winter batch is a limited release with only 40 kilos stored. Now available to order online in 250 gram bags. Reserve your order today!

WINTER BATCH UPDATE - Next Roast Date Friday 10th July 2020

The fabulous Brazillian Camocin green beans have been further enhanced by storing in the Norfolk salt marshes for 6 months from September 2019 to February 2020. With a winter of wind and rain we have high expectations of the effect on the Brazil Camocim Iapar 59 Arabica coffee combined with the unique environment of the Norfolk salt marshes we feel this has led to a wonderful harvest.

We eagerly collected the winter batch last week and carried out some sample roasts along with 6 other natural and washed Brazil single origin coffees. A special guest visit from Henrique Sloper Brazil Camocim Estate owner and coffee expert, without prior knowledge of the coffee he was cupping said of the Saltmarsh Camocim; “That reminds me of Monsooned Malabar”. The coffee cupping results reinforced the “Saltmarsh” effect. We feel Norfolk Saltmarsh Camocim offers another dimension to this already superb coffee.

Norfolk Salt Marsh Story



The Best of Brazil: The Biodynamic Brazil CAMOCIM IAPAR 2019 single origin Arabica coffee. Awarded the Cup of Excellence with the highest score for a Natural process of 93.6 in 2017 and was again awarded cup of excellence in 2019. This beautiful coffee was stored in the salt marshes of Norfolk for six months inside a floating boathouse. Inspired by the South West coastal regions of India, Monsoon Malabar is a process applied to freshly harvested coffee beans. The seeds are exposed to the Monsoon rains for three to four months. These tropical rains cause the beans to swell while decreasing their original acidity. This results in a smoother flavour profile with a lower PH balance.

The Roastery has sought out an environment in the UK to create a coffee as unique and special, with smooth full flavours and low acidity. Marcel, one of the Director’s thought that the Norfolk salt marshes would be the ideal place to experiment with a UK variation. Marcel’s father, a frequent visitor to Norfolk, was tasked with finding a suitable place to put the plan into action. After some detective work he came across a quirky floating boat house set amongst the Norfolk salt marshes where we hung a test batch of the famous Camocim Estate green coffee beans for the duration of the English “monsoon” season!

Would storing the coffee in the Norfolk salt marshes change the complexity and taste of the coffee?
The first coffee sack was stored throughout the winter, checked occasionally by Harry, the owner of the boat house to make sure nothing untoward was happening. The initial batch was retrieved and taken back to our Roastery in the heart of Northamptonshire in March 2018 for sampling. At first sight there was a definite change in the colour of the beans. We roasted and cupped the coffee checking the PH and ultimately the taste. We found there had been a significant change in the coffee. Cupping revealed a less acidic flavour. The Norfolk salt marshes ageing process had given a smoother mouth feel and salted popcorn finish on the tongue.

After the success of the first batch, we decided to put a larger quantity through the same process. Larger premises were required and another salt marsh boathouse that fittingly had been used for taking grain off sailing barges, was found and became the location for the second batch of beans for the next six months.

The latest batch has been "salt marshed" over the winter months. WITH A LIMITED RELEASE OF JUST 40 KILOS
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